How To Select

A Spare Part For Your Vehicle


Accordingly,while desiring to select the spare parts for your vehicle, you usually turn towards the low cost purchase from local area nearest to you. Having very pick in addition to pull policy. As well as, it is terrific to find low-cost automobile spare parts. Next step raise upon the approach in seeking online stores and sites where you can buy the wanted spare parts. It might be also a confused aspect among which one is best. Need to find out all possible sensational scene to access the best shop in collecting the spare parts, even the actual oldest vehicle and the actual condition which fit for your money. Though, might be choose the appropriate shop by browsing or in searching by selecting your location.

You should able to find useful information about the needed spare parts and get the best one for your vehicle. May get confused among to choose right buy or rely. For this, just follow a simple method through the comparisons, features and review about the spareparts, helps greatly in choosing best one from the list. Also borrow and make a trial effort to get your vehicle in fit with the help of good experts.

The Best Automobile Spare Parts Collection In Sharjah

Although, somewhere you will be able to find high-quality spare parts collection for your vehicle such as AL NABAA Automobile spare parts in Sharjah. Offers quality and a wide range of automobiles spare parts than any same sector in Sharjah. With a genuine spare parts collection of all famous brands like BMW, Audi, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz,Rolls Royce, Mini cooper at affordable prices. It’s difficult to collect spare parts of Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, and Mini cooper accordingly in most areas in Sharjah. Though, AL NABAA committed to providing the best automobile spare parts in Sharjah, randomly with the main collections of Mercedes Benz spare parts, Rolls Royce spare parts, and Mini cooper spare parts.

Spare Parts For Cars Undergo Regular Replacement

Most of us have an interest-only to buy the car and forget it while its maintenance. Some are responsible and take the car for regular servicing. But others prefer to reduce the monthly expense from it, and they take the car once in a while for service. The fact is that most among the people don’t know exactly is that car parts have different life spans, and without regular maintenance, it affected the smooth functioning. Here, take a look through the spare parts of the car which undergo regular replacement. It gives you an idea about how long parts of the car can last.. However, you should make sure that you have good car insurance because accidents can occur even if all your car parts are in ideal condition

Air Conditioning

Generally, an air conditioner has a life cycle of a year. That doesn’t mean you need to replace the AC annually, it does need annual servicing as dust and debris may clog it up and block normal airflow and reduce a system's efficiency significantly. Generally you can tell that the AC of your vehicle needs servicing if only the air coming out without enough cold. The fact all it needs is cleaning, and sometimes it require a gas recharge.

Airbags and Seatbelts

Airbags and seatbelts are two essential car parts for safety. Which are the major line of defense if you get into an accident. And have a very long life cycle of 10 to 15 years. However, if you notice that the belts are torn at all or damages, you should immediately get them replaced.

Air Filter

You should generally change the air filter annually or after every 20,000 km were driven. Regularly check the expiry duration of the air filter manually. And extremely important to look into it because a clogged up air filter can also damage other parts of the car.


The battery a car should be regularly changed every four years, regardless of how much you’ve use the car. Otherwise, it affects the entire functioning.


The car body – is the main component where all the other components and systems are fixed and installed – still remains framework of a vehicle. The exterior is not the least thing to care about. A new automobile makes attention with seamless lines and curves upon shiny body surface. If the driver is accurate and treats the car well, an automobile will look gentlemanly and create an positive impression about the owner.

Brake Pads

Heavier vehicles wear out the brake pads faster than smaller vehicles. Furthermore, the expiry date is also determined by the type of brake linings used, be it semi-metallic and ceramic or no asbestos organic linings. You should get the brake pads replaced every 3 years, or after you’ve run the car for 50,000 km, whichever comes first. In fact, the frequency of replacement can also vary depending upon the size of your vehicle


The clutch last for over 100,000 km driven. Even though, if you drive aggressively it might wear out a lot sooner.


It is been saying that tires may need replacement every 5 to 7 years. However, they might wear out a lot sooner if you drive harshly. The life and expiry of tires can vary vastly depending on a number of factors

Spare parts for SUV Cars undergo regular replacement


The engine is the heart of the car (literally) that gives you the power to drive your car. And we all know that the heart needs the best care as like we care about our heart. It is impressive to know that engines have come along after so many advancements. And the proper careless leads to a regular replacement of your vehicle’s engine.

Transmission/Gear Box

The usage of correct gears at the right time determines the smooth run of any vehicle. The gearbox is the controller which helps you drive the car. The transmission is the mid-point, which transmits the energy generated by the engine to the wheels, to keep your car moving. The life cycle of it depends upon the care and maintenance while using.


The axle is the link between the engine and the wheels. And among the most neglected car parts. The axle transfers the power and torque from the engine to the wheels, which keeps your car rolling smoothly by playing an important role in steering, driving, and braking, the most basic functions of any car. So, it is highly critical to keep your SUV car’s axle strong and balanced.

Oil Filters

It is a well-designed thing to keep the engine running smoothly, needs some sort of lubrication in car engine oil. The oil gets contaminated by dirt and other small particulate matter. And, any dirty, contaminated item does more harm than good, damaging the small parts of the engine, or worse, the engine itself. Irregular servicing paved the way to replace the part regularly.


If the car gets its temperatures high, there is a part known as the radiator, which is basically the personal AC for your car. It is located under the hood, beside the powerhouse of the car, engine. While the engine tends to heat up whenever under immense pressure radiator makes sure that your car stays cool. Though, you would need radiator maintenance to keep your car running smoothly.

Spare parts for Trucks undergo regular replacement

Wheel rim

The rim is the outer cover of a wheel, holding the tire. It create the outer circular design of the wheel with the inside edge of the tire is mounted on vehicles. Most of the truck wheel rim are regularly replaced on basis of the rolling distance of the truck. It rotates the axles and helps to move along.

Leaf spring

Leaf springs are commonly used for the suspension in wheels by providing the location for the axle. It acts as a linkage for holding the axle in position and thus separate linkages are not necessary makes suspension simple and strong. As by the rolling capacity of the truck, the inter-leaf friction between the leaf springs affects the riding comfort which merely leads to damage in springs

Availability of Mercedes Benz spare parts in Sharjah

It’s rare and difficult in collecting Mercedes Benz spare parts among the automobile spare parts in Sharjah. But AL NABAA Automobile spare parts shop in Sharjah is a better choice to correct the above mentioned statement. Here, all further approaches can to develop and adapt Mercedes Benz spare parts for each model. Genuine Mercedes Benz spare parts in Sharjah from the collection of AL NABAA remains the freshness of your vehicle. It ensure the safety and quality of your vehicle for over many years by providing better services among the automobile spare parts collection in Sharjah.

Availability of Mini cooper spare parts in Sharjah

To collect the genuine and original of the Mini cooper spare parts in Sharjah keeps risky and still most confusing. Here, AL NABAA is better option among the automobile spare parts in Sharjah to collect your desire upon Mini cooper spare parts

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